Dr. Tony Hancock

Dr. Tony Hancock

Speaker - School Administrator - National Trainer

Dr. Hancock’s philosophy about teaching is very simple. He agrees with Madeline Hunter when she stated, “Kids don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!”  Oftentimes, the subject matter in our classrooms can’t compete with the daily “drama” going on in students’ lives.

One of the main ingredients missing in a lot of our classrooms today is a “connection with kids.” When students feel that they are valued as human beings first, they will work harder for you and challenge you less. Tony also believes teachers don’t need any more “theory” and new, trendy programs with catchy names to help them be successful in their classrooms. Tony believes teachers need to be provided with research based, proven, practical strategies and applications that teachers can start implementing immediately – without throwing anything out that is already working in their classroom.

Educators have the toughest job in America!! They are asked every day to wear many different hats – mom, dad, nurse, counselor, teacher, advisor, judge, jury, lawyer – just to name a few. Tony  understands that students come into our classrooms and schools with diverse backgrounds, experiences,cultures, and cognitive abilities. Sometimes the only thing students have in common is their age! The “one size fits all” approach does not work anymore.

One of the biggest unchallenged assumptions by many today (especially politicians), about education, is that kids are coming to school willing and ready to learn. As educators, we know this is not always the case. We have a growing population of kids coming to our schools that are basically “un-socialized.” Many students are learning their social behavior from Beavis and Butthead,Twitter, MTV, Bart Simpson, Facebook, Jersey Shore, Instagram, and a myriad of other media influences. Tony is dedicated to helping educators be successful through motivation, inspiration, humor and a common-sense approach to stress management. Most importantly, he leaves educators with as many powerful, proven, and practical strategies as he can.

His varied experiences as a coach, teacher and administrator will help to provide you with valuable insight  into the hearts and minds of your students. Tony’s diverse background, both career and educational, afford him the ability to connect with any audience. He believes in the influential power of relationships, as it was his football coach and his English teacher many years ago who inspired this mediocre student(Tony)  to become the lifelong learner and educational leader he is today.  What will you do today that will inspire your students to greatness?

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  • Former Science Teacher
  • National Trainer
  • School Administrator
  • Former Texas High School Coach
  • Keynote Speaker

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